Understanding Types of Fashion Watches (Part One)

Firstly, it is important to note that there are several variations of watches and their categories. Some categories are as follows: 

1. Analog Watch
2. Digital Watch
3. Automatic Watch
4. Chronograph Watch
5. Diving Watch
6. Dress Watch
7. Quartz Watch
8. Mechanical Watch
9. Pilot Watch
10. Field Watch
11. Smart Watch
12. Luxury Watch

Analog Watch
First let's analyze the Analog. Analog watches are known for their displays that have a small clock - face with 12 hours, an hour hand, and a hand the minute hand. Many analog watches tend to also include a second hand. There are a plethora of analog watches which include traditional numerical figures. There are also many watches that include Roman numerals. The most common analog watches include arks that indicate the 60 minutes that are in an hour. This is also known as an Analogue Watch. Here is one of our most popular analog watches!

Analog watch

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Digital Watch
A Digital Watch is known for including the hours, minutes, and even the seconds. These numerical figures are indicated by digits in the stead of hands on a dial as with the analog watch. There are modern improvements of this watch that also include smart watch capabilities. Check this out!

Digital Smart Watch

                     (Click photo to grab this fashion watch!)

Automatic Watch
Automatic Watches tend to continue with operating due to the habitual motion of the owner’s wrist. An automatic watch does not need to be wound if it is worn on a daily basis. This is possible due to energy being stored by using a rotor. Simply stated, a rotor is a metal weight that is a half disc. The energy is used to power the watch even when it is not being used. This harnessed energy is able to keep an unworn watch functioning up to two days. This type of watch is also known as a Self - Winding Watch. Check out this couple's automatic watch set!

Couple's automatic watch set

               (Click photo to grab this fashion watch set!)

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