Understanding Types of Fashion Watches (Part Two)

Understanding Types of Fashion Watches (Part Two)

Yes, I know! There are so many watch types to choose from. Don't worry. In this blog I will break down some of the main watch types so that you have a greater understanding. I will also give you an opportunity to earn BIG SAVINGS on your next Flavor of Time Fashion Watches purchase! 

Okay, let's jump right into it! Picking up where we left off in our last session.

Chronograph Watch
Another common name for a Chronograph is a stopwatch. Implementing the use of this type of watch is simple. The primary effort would be to press the start button or start button in order to activate either function. If the owner’s desire is to reset it back to zero the it would also be necessary to push the bottom button. This watch is perfect for keeping time at events such as races.

Waterproof Chronograph Waatch

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Diving Watch
Diving watches are specifically designed to be used underwater. They are of course water resistant up to 100 m or, in other words, 330ft. The common diving watch will include water resistance up to 200-300m or 660-980ft. Although this is the average water resistance modern technology enables divers to have watches with much greater water resistance. This watch is also known as a Dive Watch. It is also called a Diver’s Watch.

Diving Watch
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Dress Watch
So, easily stated, a dress watch is viewed as one of the most elegant variations of watches. The primary purpose of this watch is to indicate the time. So, complications are not necessary.
A dress watch needs to be simple and elegant. One primary highlight of a dress watch is its minimalistic style. This type of watch is not known for flashy qualities. For instance, being decked out with diamonds or rubies. It is considered beautiful because it is subtle and charming. This type of watch pairs very well with an outfit such as a business suite.
dress watch
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Pilot Watch
Originally designed to fit over the gloves of a pilot and be easily operated, even when in the air. A Pilot watch has a large faced dial that is classy, yet a statement piece. These type watches are also known for their toughness and durability. Many times they are even referred to an Aviation Watch.
Pilot fashion watch

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Smart Watch
A smart watch is, of course, worn on the wrist just as traditional watches are. The primary difference is the technological factor that smart watches include. For instance, these devices have everything from touchscreens, apps, and variations of health monitors.
smart fashion watch
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Luxury Watch
Now, for those that are passionate about collecting fine pieces; the luxury watch is the appropriate fit. This device is perfect for watch connoisseurs and those that are appreciative factors such as accuracy, precision, and the careful details that went into the master handcrafting complications in a watch. Especially when considering the fact that many of these beautiful watches are encrusted with precious gems. These delicate treasures are often preserved through the use of proper casing.
Luxury fashion watch

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